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I signed up for a 50k!

Good Tuesday morning! On May 7th I signed up for a 50k ultra marathon. That's 31.1 miles. The race is known as the Mountaineer Rumble at Kings Mountain State Park in Clover, SC. The race is set to take place on November 4, 2023. This is a race I'm very much looking forward to. I recently did a half marathon trail race hosted by the same race promoter. It was my first ever trail racing event, as I have been contemplating signing up for an ultra. As soon as I finished the half marathon I knew I needed to go sign up for the 50k, so I did. Now I have to get my ass in gear and start training for the longest distance that I've ever attempted. I have done one road marathon, and that was in 2022. Presently I am not doing a lot of volume, so I will slowly build the volume over the coming weeks and months. I am looking forward to the challenge of training for and completing my first ultra marathon trail race! I will be posting as I progress through my training.

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