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About Me

My name is Chris Daniell.  I was born in 1985 and raised in northeast Louisiana, and have lived in the Carolinas since 2004.  My career is in aviation.  I fly air tankers on wildland fires across the US, and sincerely love the industry that I work in.  


In January of 2019, I was weighing in at 270 pounds at 5 foot 4 inches tall.  I have struggled with my weight for most of my life.  In 2019 I became fed up with what I had allowed myself to become and decided to make some changes to my health and fitness.  I made some changes to the way I ate and started a consistent exercise regimen.  My exercise routine started out as walking 30 minutes a day 5 days per week.  The main thing was to build the habit.  I included some strength training in there as well, but mostly walking.  As I started dropping weight and feeling better about myself I started doing some running.  It started out as a run/walk which eventually ramped up to mostly running.  Somewhere around early July of 2019 I decided to sign up for a sprint triathlon.  I found a lap pool and started swimming a few mornings a week along with running and riding a stationary bike.  I trained throughout the rest of the summer and went and finished the triathlon on November 9, 2019.  Since then I have done another sprint triathlon, several 5ks, a 10 miler, some virtual events because of the pandemic, the 2022 Space Coast full marathon in Florida, and a half marathon trail race.  Through all of this I discovered that I really love endurance training, and what it has done for me mentally and physically.  


I have decided to start this blog called "The Endurance Mentality".  "The Endurance Mentality" is about me sharing with you, some of the things I have done, are presently doing, and am planning on doing.  I will also make posts on various topics and personal insights. 


This is not a platform to tell you what you should do, or how you should do it.  I am not an expert in the world of health and fitness.  I am a guy who in 2019 decided to take control of my health and fitness.  I hope you enjoy!

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