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Own It!

The most beneficial thing I've learned to do in my life has been to take responsibility for my situation. It's natural to default to blaming something or someone else for your failures and downfalls, but the only way to improve from our current positions is to accept responsibility for where we are in our lives. You have to look at the person in the mirror and point the finger, and accept the blame. From that point you should be able to make a more honest assessment of your current situation, and take the appropriate actions to start moving in a better direction. If you're fat and out of shape, but want to improve your health and fitness, look in the mirror and tell yourself the truth. Say it out load. Chris, you are fat and out of shape, and you need to change that. Don't wallow in self pity. Acknowledge the facts, don't sugarcoat it. And then come up with a plan of action to improve your situation.

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